Which came first … the Bacon or the Eggs?

Bacon Slab

At Antlers on the Creek, it is definitely the bacon!

The eggs took a while longer ….

As the old saying goes, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” We now know that the eggs come much later! Our pullets arrived late last Spring and with a Chickens in the Garden

typical hobby farmer’s attitude, Susan thought the eggs would soon follow.  Little did she know, these girls were going to require constant attention.

Our Flock ….

Their personalities came quickly which in turn led to their naming. Susan dubbed the Ameraucanas: Shania, Sarah, Maren. The Buff Orpingtons became Carrie and Miranda, meanwhile, the Delaware hens (AKA platinum blondes) answer to Dolly and Taylor. Finally, our Rhode Island Red ladies took on the names Reba, Wynona, Naomi, and Martina. Can you tell she likes country music?!?

Spoiled Chicks ….

Colored eggsAfter what seemed like months of telling the hens, “Time to earn your keep”, Shania laid our first mini egg! Sheepishly, Susan admits feeling like she had her first grandchild. She loves showing off our eggs in all their colorful glory!

Speaking of the girls … are they ever spoiled. They acquired a taste for home cooking and they munch all the leftovers from our gourmet breakfasts. You don’t dare go in their run empty handed, they voice their displeasure, rather loudly. The girls even live in a coop appropriately called … The Chick Inn.

Making Bacon ….

Much to the delight of Chef Kurtis, Antlers acquired a smoker last year.  He cures and smokes all our bacon now, as well as, pork shoulders for our pulled pork sliders. Kurtis makes the cure with the basics of salt, pepper, sugar & paprika but the possibilities are endless. However, he’s dying to try a Bourbon Molasses combination! Seven days curing in the fridge, the pork belly is ready to go on the smoker and bacon is not far behind! The aroma of smoking bacon wafts throughout the inn tempting all our Guests. They simply cannot wait for breakfast the next morning.Bacon slabs on smoker

So, if farm fresh eggs and home cured bacon sound good, give us a call at 970.259.1565. Above all, here at our Durango bed and breakfast, we love pampering our Guests. After all, our motto is “Prepare to be Pampered.”