The Perfect Gift

Stack of Christmas gifts

The Perfect Gift … Kinda sounds like a Hallmark movie, doesn’t it ?  I confess …  I love all those movies!

dreamstime_xs_22315821This time of year children send their Christmas lists to Santa Claus, mothers fret over what gift to get their adult kids and lucky Grandparents cherish their most precious gifts – their grandchildren. (They may even unabashedly spoil them!)

Even though I fall squarely somewhere in that lyric from The Christmas Song  “kids from 1 to 92”,  I don’t need or want anything from Santa, he’s far too busy taking care of all the bright eyed little ones. For me, the perfect gift of the Season is time. I have more opportunities to see family and friends that I haven’t seen in what feels like ages and I savor those moments.

There are fewer Guests here during the week so I have more opportunities to try new recipes, plan special packages and oversee on-going projects here at the inn; I might even get to go out to dinner!  There are several new restaurants in Durango I want to try, so that I can give Yay or Nay suggestions to my Guests.

This is the time of year that I sit down and look around the inn and contemplate, “How can I make a Guest’s experience even better?” …  be it a new menu, a fireplace in the living room (Yes, it’s gonna happen!) or just painting a room a different color.

dreamstime_xs_11436523It seems during the High Season there are never enough hours in the day to get all the chores done around here, days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months and before you know it the Staff and I are wondering, “What happened to September???” Don’t misunderstand me, I love being busy! I REALLY love being busy. It’s just that Winter gives me the chance to sleep late and cuddle my furry kids. Overall, I can just breathe deeply and relax.


dreamstime_xs_47510237Winter finally arrived this morning with a few inches of snow that Durango desperately needed. Now if only Santa Claus would bring Colorado a few feet of the white stuff, that truly would be the perfect gift.

If you need some R & R of your own, now is the time to stay at Antlers on the Creek. Prepare to be Pampered at the #1 B & B in Durango.