Saying Goodbye to Winter as Durango Marches into Spring

Gazebo from a distance

Old Man Winter bid us adieu here at Antlers on the Creek as Springtime is officially here! The First Day of Spring has come and gone; the weather is nothing short of spectacular. Purple and white crocus dot the landscape awaiting the tulips and daffodils to join them. I swear, you can almost see them grow right in front of your eyes. I cannot wait for the Herb Garden to come in; there’s just something extra special about going out in the mornings and picking herbs to go into our breakfast dishes.

A barn in the distanceIt has been a balmy 73 degrees in the afternoons the last couple of days and the 2017 Melt is definitely underway. Lightner Creek looks like a full blown river … rapids and all. I keep waiting for someone in a kayak to cruise by! Soon Springtime renovations start. Landscapers will be here in a couple of weeks to work on our  pond … never again will it run dry! Hmmm, I think a small dock might be nice to sit on and cool off your tootsies on those warm Summer afternoons! There will even be a spot down by the pond to enjoy massages when the weather cooperates! I’m even thinking of adding a Bocce Ball court! Who’s ready for a game?

Since evenings can be chilly, Guests still enjoy sitting out by the fireplace on our patio.  There’s just something about sipping a Margarita and munching on one of our afternoon delights in front of the fire. If you’re still feeling the chill, you can always bundle up in one of our comfy throw blankets.

Spring Break is in full swing around here and Antlers is jumping with new Guests from near and far. Last week, it was a Texas reunion around here and so far this week has been filled with our New Mexican neighbors to the south. I wonder where our Guests will come from next week … I have a sneaky feeling it will be … Denver!

So how about coming to Durango and checking out early Spring in our little corner of beautiful Colorado. If you’re ready for some Springtime fun, here’s what’s happening in Durango:

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