Here’s What’s New at Antlers … What’s New With You?

Delicious lemon pie bars at Antlers on the Creek

Guest often ask, “What’s new at Antlers?” At Antlers on the Creek, an inn in Durango, Colorado, each season brings changes. After the stupendous winter of 2018/2019, we have jumped feet first into our beautiful Rocky Mountain summer season! If you haven’t checked in with us in a while, you just might notice some new treats this summer.

Good Nite BitesWhat's New ... chocolate truffles at our Colorado Inn

Happy Hour has finished and once you return back to our Colorado Inn from your night on the town … you meander back to your room and find a mouthwatering Good Nite treat next to your bed! Will it be a homemade chocolate truffle or a tangy lemon bar? There’s only one way to find out! Additionally, you find your room refreshed (again!) with your bed turned down and ready to slide right in … always beckoning a good night’s sleep.

Welcome Back! Rewards Program

Many guests leave us promising to return and we’ve found a way to keep our returning guests happy year after year! Book the room of your choice for next year before you depart and we guarantee our best possible rate… even if you change your date. (We use yield management so as rooms book up, rates go up as well.) Take advantage of the best hotel reward program in Colorado!

  • Book Holiday weeks at the best pricing for our Durango lodging
  • The rest of the year, we’ll lock in your reservation with the lowest possible rates. Guaranteed.
  • Most Importantly, no charges until January next year.
  • Change your reservation with no penalty.
  • Enjoy personalized packages at a 10% discount.
  • Choose your room and your return dates.
  • As a reward for our Welcome Back Guests you receive a 10% discount in our gift kiosk. Then, if you bring a second couple with you, they receive the same offer, as well.

Now that you know what’s new with us, come back and tell us what’s new with you!

So, give us a call at 970.259.1565 and book your stay. You won’t regret it!

Prepare to be Pampered at our #1 rated Bed & Breakfast in Durango.